MSD Restores Funding for Medical Equipment

The Minister of Social Development, Stephanie Cadieux, made a surprise announcement today that the provincial government is restoring funding for medical equipment and supplies for people on income and disability assistance. In April 2010, a wide range of medical equipment and supplies were cut from the MSD’s health benefit program. Starting October 2012, MSD will now fund items such as: ventilator supplies, positioning chairs, syringes for medication delivery and transfer aids. For a list of items, see the provincial government’s news release and backgrounder:

Allan Parker

We are sad to announce the passing of Allan Parker, former executive director of Access Pro Bono and good friend of the BCCPD. Allan was a poverty law lawyer with the community law office in Nanaimo and with the Legal Services Society for many years. He had a passion for law and social justice and was an excellent teacher. He was very supportive of community advocacy and taught advocates around the province the skills they needed to the best job possible. He was known for his dry humour, thoroughness and commitment to justice.

Our condolences to Allan’s family, friends and colleagues at Access Pro Bono. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 23 at 1:00 pm at Gilmore Park United Church, 8060 No. 1 Rd., Richmond, BC.

Obituary and guest book in the Vancouver Sun:

Call for Submissions Getting and Keeping a Job—What makes a difference

Despite barriers in the labour market, there are Canadians with disabilities who have been successful in obtaining employment and progressing in their chosen careers.  If this describes your work experience, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) wants to hear from you about what has contributed to your employment success. 

CCD plans to publish an anthology which will share information about what has made a difference in the working lives of Canadians with disabilities.  CCD will launch this new publication at End Exclusion 2012, which is a forum for the exchange of ideas between people with disabilities, government representatives, academics and members of the public.

Employment is a priority for the Federal Government, particularly Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Minister Diane Finley.  The government often seeks new information on best practices.  Through this publication, people with disabilities will have the opportunity to share their experiential knowledge about best practices that contribute to finding, securing and advancing a career path.

Through introductory and concluding chapters, CCD will provide context which will assist the reader of the anthology to also gain an understanding of the public policies that either advance or hinder the employment of people with disabilities.  CCD will also share some recommendations on needed new policies to remedy barriers in the employment system that impede the employment of people with disabilities.

If you are a person with a disability who has had a successful employment experience, consider writing about it for CCD’s new publication. Email them to by 31 July 2012.  Please keep your submissions to one single-spaced page.  Some points and questions to guide your submission are as follows:

  • ·        A brief description of your job and you as a worker.
  • ·        What barriers had to be eliminated for you to be employed?
  • ·        What accommodations did you use to eliminate barriers?
  • ·        What have been your experiences with training and promotion?
  • ·        What has been the key to your success?
  • ·        What really made a positive difference for you in the area of employment?