Community Kitchens Best Practices Toolkit

This guide was designed to assist community groups to start a community kitchen. It includes a sample kitchen policy, basic kitchen supplies, food safety guidelines, among other useful tools and support materials



Bulk Buying Best Practices Tool Kit


This toolkit is designed to assist community groups who want to start a bulk buying club in their community.

What is a Bulk Buying Club?

A bulk buying club is a group of people with similar food preferences who come together to buy food in bulk. All participants of a bulk buying club are involved in the planning, shopping, sorting, and delivering of food. These clubs enable individuals to work with a group of like-minded people to get more with their food dollars.

All Bulk Buying Clubs have the same underlying purpose: to provide nutritious food at a lower cost for a group of people.

BC 211 is here

Just like dialing 411 (or 911), you can now dial 211 and get connected with appropriate community services.

While there are excellent community programs available, many people have difficulty finding the services they need. Service providers also face challenges trying to locate appropriate community services for their clients.

BC211 and United Way are very pleased to announce that Lower Mainland residents are now able to access 211 services that provide an easy entry point for people looking for help, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Thanks to ongoing funding from United Way of the Lower Mainland, BC211 provides 211 services for communities in the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Squamish-Lillooet Regional Districts.

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